Experienced Attorney For Commercial Litigation

Landlords and business owners know that staying out of litigation is key to a successful business operation. When a dispute arises or litigation becomes necessary, finding a cost-effective resolution for the long term is always the best option.

My experience includes representing property owners and businesses in dispute resolution and complex litigation, including (but not limited to):

  • Breach of contracts with customers, vendors or distributors
  • Commercial leases
  • Contribution claims, cross-claims
  • Trademark infringement, intellectual property protection
  • Construction and development litigation
  • Title claims
  • Foreclosure, eviction litigation
  • Creditors' rights in personal and Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Need A Lawyer For Local Legal Counsel In Atlanta, Georgia?

I provide local litigation counsel for landlords and corporate interests nationwide. If you have a litigation matter in Fulton County, Cobb County or anywhere in the Atlanta metropolitan area, call my office in Roswell at 404-953-5966 or contact me by email to arrange an opportunity to discuss your need for local outside counsel.

Who Brown Law, LLC, Represents

My clients include developers, property owners, mortgage providers and many of the most successful businesses and corporate interests serving the Atlanta metropolitan area:

  • Local and regional banks and mortgage lenders
  • Commercial real estate landlords
  • Fortune 500 corporations with operational interests in Atlanta
  • Owner/operators of privately held businesses

An Attorney With A Strong Commitment To Personalized Service

From the first time we meet to discuss your case, I will work toward giving you confidence that you have come to the right law firm. I know that the value my clients find in my services starts — and ends — with close communication and individualized attention to detail. I limit the number of cases I can handle and will be happy to refer you to another trusted law firm in the event I feel my experience is not exactly what will serve you best. Throughout your case, we will work together toward an efficient, cost-effective resolution that protects your rights and financial interests.

Call My Office To Discuss Your Commercial Litigation Needs

I can be reached at 404-953-5966 or by email to arrange a time we can discuss your litigation matter by phone or in my Roswell office.