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Working With You As You Start Your Business

America is the land of opportunity. For many people, this opportunity comes in the form of starting a new business venture. Starting a new business is equal parts exciting, challenging and risky. The most significant risk people take — and an ill-advised risk at that — is going it alone, without the help of an experienced business lawyer. Too many variables and unknowns could sink your business before it starts.

I am Heather Brown, founding attorney of Brown Law, LLC, in Roswell, Georgia. I work with clients throughout the area in the process of starting new businesses.

I can help you with:

  • Entity selection: Whether you start your business as an LLC, LLP, sole proprietorship or other business entity will have a significant impact. I can talk you through the differences and help you choose the right structural model for your business.
  • Operating docs: Your business plan and best practice documents are extremely important to get right on the front end because these documents set the initial direction your business will take. I have the experience to help you through this process to make sure your business is off to a good start.
  • Initial filing with the secretary of state: There are timelines and strict filing requirements for new businesses. As your lawyer, I can make sure you have all the paperwork properly and timely filed.
  • Ongoing support: I can help you make sure your policies and practices are in compliance, and handle employee-related concerns, property matters, contracts and other important aspects of running your new business successfully.

Personalized Service

I left a large downtown law firm to open Brown Law, LLC, because I wanted to take a more personal investment in my client’s matters. The most important aspect of the legal work I do is working with you, the client, and your new business, to develop a relationship that will allow your business to thrive. I will be there to help you throughout the process.

Contact Brown Law, LLC

Call me at 404-953-5966 or contact me online to schedule a consultation to discuss the starting of your new business.